Great Things Behind iPod Commercials

Great Things Behind iPod Commercials

Since the advent of the Apple iPod, Apple is continually making iPod commercials as part of their advertising campaign. iPod commercials is another way of marketing their product. Though the Apple iPod has gone a long way in the market, the iPod commercials is a sure way of boosting the sales of the Apple iPod.

In fact, one of the evident effects of iPod commercials to customers is that they just keep noticing them. A user even wrote an article on why Apple does not tell you the music. This is from the HP ipod commercisl.

Another notable one from a list of ipod commercials is the ipod commercial released last Spring of 2005. This ipod commercial depicts people roller skating, break dancing plus a robot voice.

A background song called “Technologic” played by Daft Punk which is from the album “Human After All” is being played on the background. This breakdancing sound was the reason that this one from the iPod commercials was called the Breakdance commercial.

Music played a strong figure in all iPod commercials. In fact, it was the moving force in depicting the emotions or themes that the director aims to express with the iPod commercials. It is synonymous with the role of the Apple iPod in the lives of the user, which is music.

There are other songs that was played in the background in some of the newer iPod commercials. The songs include:

1. “Jerk It Out” by Caesars. This was from the iPod Shuffle commercial, this is the one with the arrows.

2. “Feel Good Inc.” by Gorillaz. This song was played in the Rollerskating iPod commercial.

3. “Mr. Lee” by The Bobbettes. This song is from one of the iPod commercials called “Mashup.”

4. “Work It, Shake It” sung by by DJ Assault. This song is from one of the iPod commercials called “Mashup.”

5. “I Love to Polka” sung by Jimmy Sturr. This song is from one of the iPod commercials called “Mashup.”

6. “Orange Blossom Special” was sung live by Charlie Daniels Band. This song is from one of the iPod commercials called “Mashup.”

The ipod commercials were so hip that some even premiered or was shown in the MTV Music Video Awards. The iPod commercials are continuously being aired on other television and cable channels.

There was this iPod commercial where you can see a Cowboy bar that includes square dancers. The background music was as usual very hypnotic. The music was found out to be “The Boogie That Be” which was sung by Black Eyed Peas. If you would search the Internet for this iPod commercial, you would notice that there is no single mention of the commercial or the song used in the iPod commercial.

The reason for this is that the management is cross promoting the HP branded iPod along with the Apple Music Store. It is evident that the goal is not only to promote the iPods but also to sell music. After all, music is the heart of all Apple iPods or even HP branded iPods.

One of the iPod commercials, “Mash Up,” had an ad that includes the URL “” But similar to the other iPod commercials, users can not find any other part of the site where they list the songs that was used in the commercial.

The iPod brands have a habit of burying the iPod commercials on their website, oblivious that the iPod commercials are their ticket to higher sales. The facts are there about iPod commercials fanas only have to search and dig for it. The iPod brands forgot to include put all of these facts in a website that is convenient for viewing by iPod users. Having a website would further promote the iPod commercials that would in turn further increase the sales of their iPods.

The iPod brands should also consider the transfer of iPod commercials to your iPod. DVD to iPod technology is already available from the Internet. One particular DVD to iPod software is the iPod Media Studio.

iPod commercials also belong to the iPod users. The DVD to iPod technology is a feature that every iPod user dreams to be able to do. Unfortunately, iPod brands do not provide this technology feature. The iPOd Media Studio gives these capabilities to the iPods.

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