Global Television Network

Global Television Network

A foremost Canadian English-language TV network, Global Television Network is owned by CanWest Global Communications that started out in the 1970’s when a need for “third” TV stations went out in numerous chief cities in Canada. A set of investors, headed by Peter Hill and Al Bruner, established Global Communications Ltd. through the plan of structuring a cross-Canada, all-UHF system.

The group decided on a six-transmitter network on the southern part of Ontario that stretched from Windsor to Ottawa, being deprived of a transmitter that could reach Montreal. The group guaranteed a Canadian content of high level and settled on not accepting local advertising. On the 6th of January 1974, the new network named Global Television Network launched when CKGN-TV signed on from studios in Don Mills.

After three months, the station came across difficulty and was bought by two big groups, one was owned by Izzy Asper, a politician in Manitoba who became a broadcaster; he owned Winnipeg’s CKND, which took on a lot of Global Television’s programs through his CanWest Capital business.

By 1977, the two partners tried to buy-out each other’s share; CanWest succeeded in turning into a first western-based proprietor of a chief Canadian broadcasting unit. In 1984, CKGN was converted into CIII.

In 1974’s spring, a significant portion of the programs schedule were canceled, and by fall, the network became another CTV, with imports from America filling in as much as what was allowed for Canadian content policies, which was fifty percent overall Canadian and sixty percent Canadian primetime.

CanWest obtained conventional TV resources of Western International Communication, which owned numerous Alberta independent stations, and the stations were recognized as Global Television Network on the 4th of September 2000. The next fall, one of the market-leading stations of WIC in Vancouver, became a part of the Global Television’s stations.

Late in 2004, with the start of CTV dominating the ratings, CanWest restructured their Canadian business and employed new executives, with every executive previously in different US media firms, which led to a big revamping of Global Television Network announced on December of 2005. The very notable change was that of the network’s new logo, which replaced the “crescent” with “greater than” logo.

Global Television Network has structured its operations on lucrative entertainment programming created in the US, and has since been disapprove of, for not venturing enough on Canadian content. Recently, Global Television Network has bought rights to create Canadian edition of famous entertainment publication Entertainment Tonight. On the 12th of September 2005, it launched ET Canada.