Finding An Entertainer For Your Childs Party

Finding An Entertainer For Your Childs Party

A successful and memorable children’s birthday party is determined by one thing – how well and fun the entertainment was. This is what will make your party go down in history, so to speak. Even if you put so much effort on the food, the invitations and the decorations, it is the entertainment that will define how well your party went.

Thus, while you’re trying to work under a budget with your kid’s birthday party, you should never scrimp on the entertainment. Now, this doesn’t mean that you should spend so much money on hiring so many people to provide excitement at your event. Even just one person, a very good host or a magician, for instance, is enough.

It would be a big plus for you if you are able to find a person who can provide all sorts of entertainment and who is not confined to just one “trick”. Thus, if you’re hunting for an entertainer you can hire for the party, look for someone who is a jack of all trades.

Of course, since the entertainer you’re hiring will be servicing a children’s birthday party, he or she must have a genuine love for kids. He or she should be truly interested in making children happy, otherwise, you’d be defeating your purpose. A person who is not in tune with what children like nowadays and are not friendly with kids does not deserve to be hired as entertainer.

Hence, before you do any hiring, arrange for a short meeting and interview beforehand, so you can weed out those who are just doing the job not for the love of it, but only for the money. A grumpy entertainer who hates children might only ruin the party you prepared so hard for for your child.

You can find prospects by searching the local listings or by surfing the Internet. It would be better if you hire someone who has been referred by a friend or a family member, because, at least you have an idea of his or her performance, attitude and track record. Never underestimate the power of referrals. Remember, it’s your child’s party on the line, so you definitely want to have someone who can give you your money’s worth.

If you’re lucky (and really trying not to spend so much), you can ask a friend to dress up as a clown for the event. You’d be surprised that some of your close friends will be willing to act goofy to help you out. Try to ask who wants to volunteer first before you scan the yellow pages. You never know.

In sum, the right entertainer for your child’s birthday party is one who has many tricks up his or her sleeve and is not limited by a single activity. The right entertainer is also one who adores kids. As said earlier, there’s nothing a short interview wouldn’t solve at the beginning.