Finding a Great Pottery Wheel

Finding a Great Pottery Wheel

There are many tools that a potter will use over the course of his lifetime as an artist. One of the most important to many potters is the potter’s wheel. This device is used for a process that is commonly referred to as ‘throwing’ pottery. It is a very important device to many potters who do not enjoy the process of hand building pottery or need the ability to shape items in a very similar fashion. There are many instances, come to think of it, when a wheel is preferable to artists over hand building just as there are many situations when only hand building with clay is suitable. One thing remains however, and that is this: most artists who work with a wheel are quite picky about the wheels on which they will work.

Selecting a wheel for pottery work is like selecting another hand to use. The wheel will be your constant companion as you work with clay and it is important that you choose a wheel that is comfortable for you to use first and foremost. If you aren’t comfortable using the wheel you select, chances are it will diminish your enjoyment of working with clay over time. You do not want to sacrifice your love of pottery to something as simply fixed as choosing a different wheel for throwing pottery.

You should also take care to choose a wheel that is suitable for the type of work you do. Not all wheels can handle all jobs. You need to choose a wheel that will handle the style of pottery you work with most as well as the weight of the clay you will be using. Read the instructions, warnings, and cautions carefully before selecting your potter’s wheel in order to be quite certain that it will meet your pottery making needs.

Space is another important consideration when selecting a potter’s wheel. You need to choose a wheel that will fit within the space you have available for working with clay in addition to allowing you the necessary room to actually work the clay. You will find that there are many different sized wheels on the market today. Make sure that you either adjust your needs in a wheel or adjust your available space in order to accommodate the wheel you select.

You should also pay close attention to the quality of the wheel you are purchasing. A potter’s wheel is a rather significant investment. You want to make sure you are getting the best possible deal for your money. Go with a name you trust and if you aren’t sure which name to trust ask people you trust: teachers, other artists, and gallery owners. Do not trust the salesman to give you adequate advice on a decision as important as this. He is driven by profit rather than insuring you get the most for your money.

Choosing the best potter’s wheel to meet your pottery making needs is one of, if not the, best gifts you can give yourself as an artist that works with clay. Take your time when purchasing your wheel in order to insure your continued enjoyment and success when it comes to making pottery. This is one decision that you are not likely to regret taking your time and doing the right way the first time.