Features of Children’s Ebooks

Features of Children’s Ebooks

What really makes children’s ebooks great is the
amount of special features many of them come with. Of
course not all of them do, but by searching around you
will find some that have sound effects, music,
pictures, even video to go along with the text.

Some children’s ebooks even double as audiobooks and
you can follow along as it is read to you.

Sound effects might sound odd for books but there is
no better place to have them. If lighting crashes in a
certain part of the book, it can have a small sound
icon for your child to click and it will play lighting
and thunder sounds. This really appeals to many young
readers and can be a lot of fun with silly books.

Music and songs are sometimes featured in children’s
ebooks. This works especially well if it is a well
known story with a famous song in it. Disney ebooks
often feature all kinds of music and songs.

One of the coolest features that some children’s
ebooks have is video. Sure pictures are nice but to
see a ship rocking on the water instead of standing
still can make a big difference.

When something important happens in the ebook, there
might be a video that accompanies it and has a little
replay of what was just read too.

One of the great things about children’s ebooks is
that they are pretty much indestructible. It’s
frustrating to go buy your child a .00 hardback
book only to find it a week later covered in play doh
or half eaten by the child or an animal in the house.

With ebooks, they are pretty secure and almost
impossible to destroy.