Everyone Is Doing The Hip Hop Craze

Everyone Is Doing The Hip Hop Craze

Music cds and rap music were not heard of during that period, it was all about the vinyl records and rhythm and blues soul. Their music became universal music. If it weren’t for the music and the movement known as hip hop, an entire generations feeling and beliefs would have passed by without being heard. No matter if you like the hip-hop form of music or not, two things are obvious: It sells well and caters to a violent, depraved way of life.

As soon as a new artist hits the airwaves all fans start to imitate their favorite rap artists and start to dress just like them by wearing bling jewelry and clothing accessories. The prolific rise of the rap industry as a mainstay in our cultural landscape is undeniable. The hip hop and rap culture had been promoting this for decades prior and now it suddenly is main stream. A theory on urban fashion jewelry would be that Hollywood has been embracing the urban culture more and more over the years and upon rap becoming more and more mainstream to the extent of when you turn on MTV you no longer have a daily hour segment to rap videos after the hours of rock n’ roll or alternative music, but rather a total reversal where you’d be hard pressed to find any rock videos or anything besides hip hop or rap.

The biggest change is when the hip-hop stated using remixed tracks, this became all the rage and it crossed racial divides which earned the artists recognition. Hip Hop artists need to create a certain type of persona that establishes their masculinity to be accepted by the communities that listen to Hip Hop. In today’s world poets and Hip-Hop artists show their love stories in a way that allows them to maintain there respect.

Even though our culture is forever evolving, we cannot forget how we got where we are. Culture and in depth coverage of the hip hop you want is what they offer. Hip Hop has started in the late ‘70s but become much more popular in the ‘80s, Hip Hop is a mix of rapping and DJing which is mixing and scratching albums on a turntable.

Because everything in the hip hop world is out of this world, it just makes sense that it has its own clothing line. Since Hip Hop has become so popular many celebrities started their own clothing line to fill in the gap of the Hip Hop generation.

When you think of the word hip-hop most everyone associates it with music. In fact, this term has become so widely used, that the Oxford Dictionary has included it, along with “jiggy” and “phat”.

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