Dominoes for Rubber Stamping

Dominoes for Rubber Stamping

Played domino before? Got some pieces of domino? Want to try out something new? Well, dominoes have been used by people not just for the exciting game it creates, but much for art’s sake. The pieces are often painted and decorated for several artistic purposes, and this, for many, is one of the newest fads in the art of stamping.

Dominoes for rubber stamping are increasingly becoming popular for several good reasons. In the first place, dominoes offer a number of possibilities for the rubber stamping enthusiasts. They are one of the most versatile materials to craft on, and that you can use almost anything to transform them from simple white and dotted blocks to a more interesting pieces of art. Thousands of artists, in fact, have used dominoes for rubber stamping by painting, dyeing, and embellishing them with just anything they can imagine, be it charms or beads for cards, or for journals, etc.

More and more artists are paying much value to dominoes for rubber stamping for another good reason, that is, dominoes can even be transformed into pieces of jewelry. You can use the stamped ones as bracelets, necklaces or pins. You can bind them together by simply drilling holes in them where you can let the string to pass through. You can also use some sorts of cording for such purpose.

With such facts, it’s no wonder that almost a hundred of carvers and rubber stamping artists are now starting their own projects with the pieces of dominoes they collect. They start by placing some backgrounds on their dominoes by using a number of coloring mediums they can ever think of. Some use paints, particularly the acrylic choices, while others employ dyes for the background effects. The idea of sanding is also commonly employed knowing that it can add beauty to the domino textures. And, just like the rest of the stamping projects, the technique of heat embossing is often considered.

For those who prefer not to undergo the direct process of using dominoes for rubber stamping, using a tissue paper is deemed to be the perfect thing to consider. The tissue paper is not used in this sense as the exact substitute for dominoes, but rather an additional material proven to create a much interesting effect to the art work. So instead of stamping directly on the surface of the domino, what most artists do is that they stamp the preferred design on the tissue paper. Once stamped, they color the image and attach it to the domino surface by using a clear drying adhesive. Metallic markers are often used, as well as other coloring mediums like colored pencils and chalks for a more enhanced looks.

There are a lot more ways of stamping on dominoes. But whatever your technique would be, crafting on dominoes can truly be one of the most exciting things you can ever enjoy during your free time.