Cruises: More Value for Your Vacation Dollar

Cruises: More Value for Your Vacation Dollar

Trying to decide where to go on your next vacation? Consider a cruise for all-inclusiveness, convenience and value.

For one price, you get a stateroom, meals and a variety of entertainment every night – from lavish production shows to chamber music. Dining can be casual or formal, and 24-hour room service is provided at no charge.

Although you get to visit several different places on a cruise, you’ll spend less time hauling your luggage and more time relaxing. When you arrive dockside, your luggage is whisked away to your stateroom, and you only have to unpack once during your trip.

A cruise is a great way to see new places, too. For instance, Holland America Line’s fleet of 13 ultramodern cruise ships sail to the Caribbean, Alaska, Europe, Hawaii, Eastern Canada, South America, Asia and even Antarctica.

On a typical seven-day voyage, you’ll visit three or four ports of call, usually spending plenty of time in port to explore on your own or participate in organized shore excursions.

And though you’ll experience a level of personalized service that surpasses any vacation ashore, Holland America Line cruises are quite affordable. For as little as 5 per person per day, you can enjoy port-intensive itineraries, a wide range of shipboard activities, Vegas-style entertainment and fine dining, all while being pampered to your heart’s content.

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