Complaints About Coastal Vacation From Former Coastal Directors

Complaints About Coastal Vacation From Former Coastal Directors

Former coastal vacation directors complain about the poor profit earnings and false advertisements. Several people who were formerly employed as coastal directors state that the pitches on earning thousands of dollars through the sales of travel packages was false advertisement. They state that they were only able to make 1 to 2 sales in any certain period of time. Since the sale of this product is a commission-based job, no sale means zero cash flow. Many of these former sales representatives claim that they were actually forced into filing bankruptcy due to lack of sales. 98% of these former directors did not make any more money than they spent out of pocket, which was often near the amount of 00, which was the entry price into this business venture. Former coastal directors have also stated that you will not find this business registered with the BBB or Better Business Bureau. Scam reports were being filed and shown in a 1996 magazine article.

The company itself claims that this is the fault of the coastal director. Since the sale of these travel packages is an independent business and not a franchise, the director sets the sale standards. It is a matter of the coastal director to handle money management for required services such as web hosting costs. It is not the fault of the company for a sales representative only showing proof of minimal sales. Thought the official site for coastal vacations shows that employees are well trained and offered help centers for assistance, this may have not been enough for the former directors listed above.

Being a successful sale person is not always easy. The ability to sell a product from across a phone can be incredibly difficult. The sale of wholesale travel packages can come across as a scam and unfortunately with a high demand product such as travel packages scam artists are drawn in even more often than the customers themselves. Scam artists have been found to be running false coastal vacation sites and scamming money from customers. This has caused numerous complaints about coastal vacations, though the immediate cause of the fraud is not their fault.

A coastal vacations representative did offer some advice on understanding if a site is official or bogus. There are only four official sites linked to coastal vacation. These sites appear identical but an official site will carry distributors personal information. It will clearly state that is an official coastal vacation site. There will be a motto at the top of the site stating that it is powered by COA network. It has also been suggested that you perform a reputation search to see if the site is legitimate. Scam artists will not provide information or answers to questions while an official site will.

Though there have been numerous complaints concerning coastal vacation it is truly up to the individual to view this company. With all services and products there are both good and bad views. It is up to each of us as individuals to try a service or product at our own risk and discretion and to do so as wisely as possible.