Choose Your PSP Accessory

Choose Your PSP Accessory

Although the PSP (PlayStation Portable) was only recently released in the U.S. in early 2005, Sony has not skimped on the PSP accessory packages available to protect, carry, and enhance the experience of this fascinating handheld entertainment device. There are more than enough available to oblige the most discerning buyer.

The Sony PSP is capable of delivering photos, videos, Internet, music, and gaming to its users. To do so, the standard PSP system has a widescreen high resolution LCD display and stereo speakers built in. To enhance the delivery of these mediums, the PSP offers several accessories including an extended life lithium ion battery to extend the battery life 20% longer than the default battery. Of course, a battery charger is available to recharge the battery for future use.

An AC adapter is a standard PSP accessory, allowing its user to plug directly into any electrical outlet for unlimited play. The foundation of the PSP is being portable. To foster this, a car adapter is available for enjoying movies, music, or gaming while on the road. Headphones with a remote control allow the user to enjoy their movies, music, or gaming without distracting others – and with the remote control gaining even more control over their entertainment.

To keep all these fantastic items together, a PSP accessory pouch is available, as well as a PSP carrying case and system pouch with wrist strap. And for maintaining the clarity of the display and the device, Sony offers a cleaning cloth for the PSP.

With so many on the market, PSP accessory bundles are available to package the most popular items. The basic PSP Core Pack includes simply the PSP System with an AC adapter and a Battery Pack. One step up brings you to the Value Pack which includes headphones with a remote, the carrying pouch with wrist strap, cleaning cloth and 1 GB memory stick in addition to the Core Pack contents.

The Entertainment Pack offers a 1 GB memory stick, ATV Off-Road Fury UMD (Universal Media Disk) game, and Lord of Dogtown UMG movie in addition to the Core Pack. Over 430 UMD video titles are available as well as over 135 games to add to the user’s cache of media.

The PSP is a multimedia device – not satisfied with just delivering video games. Users are able to connect to the Internet via wireless networks to download additional updates, movies, music, and television shows. Another great PSP accessory to manage all these files is the Media Manager. This allows users to transfer music and videos to or from their PSP.

TiVo ToGo is available for a one-time flat fee. This allows television shows to be recorded, saved to the memory stick, and then played back through the PSP in full length.

The PSP is a powerful entertainment device offering all media forms to be accessed easily in a small handheld device. With so much to offer, it’s no wonder there are so many PSP accessory options available to enhance user’s experience with their PSP device.

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