Comic Book Awards

Comic Book Awards When you think of comic books, one of the last things you think about is if any comic books receive any accolades. Is there such a thing as comic book awards? Apparently there are. In America alone, there are several companies that the awards are given to different comic book genres. One …

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How Photoshop training stretches creativity

How Photoshop training stretches creativity For creative professionals, Photoshop training never ends: Martin Scorsese’s film biography of Howard Hughes, The Aviator, used over 400 shots created with Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop CS. The man behind the effects was Oscar-winning visual effects supervisor Rob Legato, previously known for his work in Titanic and Apollo …

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Virtual Death Memorials

Virtual Death Memorials On March 27, 2005 at the Big Easy’s charmingly bizarre Barrister’s Gallery, artists will experience what afterlife will be in a virtual death memorial group show – Hydriotaphia: New Orleans Artists Design Their Own Funeral Urns. Barrister’s Gallery owner, Andy Antippas will act as curator with artist, Dan Teague. To spice up …

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