Camden Activities For The Young At Heart

Camden Activities For The Young At Heart

So you’re tired of just the normal night out – having drinks in a bar, then off to a restaurant, then maybe on to another bar for more drinks and night of dancing. Why not try something different in the London borough of Camden? Granted, there are a number of restaurants and bars in the London borough of Camden where you will find cuisines that cater for all tastes. However, there are many more alternative activities available for all tastes whether you want something adventurous or if you are looking for something fresh and new.

Firstly, for those who enjoy great live music in a vibrant atmosphere, the Camden Jazz Café in the London borough of Camden hosts a large variety of artists that entertain and relax its audience. The Camden Jazz Café was established in 1990 and bought by the Mean Fiddler organization in 1992. Artists welcomed by the Camden Jazz Café range from unheard acts that other may be more established venues can’t or won’t take the risk booking to well known artists that can easily fill any venue. Two levels of the venue mean that those who enjoy being at the forefront, can easily do so while those who prefer to enjoy the music more sedately can do so, on the upper level. The Camden Jazz Café offers great music in a great atmosphere in a great location!

If you prefer a more adventurous activity, then wall climbing could be an option. The London borough of Camden boasts some good venues to participate in this activity. From the local redevelopment of Swiss Cottage, the local Swiss Cottage council gym offers everyone the opportunity to experience wall climbing. Initially, you’ll have to sign up to a class to understand the basics of wall climbing. Thereafter, you can go whenever you get the urge to climb. There are a number of walls available to climb, some more difficult than others. A good activity for those who want to do something energetic and new!

Another activity available for a fun, light hearted evening with your friends or your partner is roller disco. Reminiscent of youthful days, you can find roller disco at Canvas Kings Cross. The London borough of Camden gives you the opportunity to relive those younger days and for those who missed out when they were younger, don’t miss out now! Available on Thursday, Friday and Sunday nights, this activity will get the heart pumping, the juices flowing and the skates rolling. People come here simply and purely for the fun they’ll have. Bodies may be bruised by the end of the night but certainly no egos are bruised. A great place to have a great laugh!

These are just a very small number of activities available in the London borough of Camden. Explore a little deeper and you will find plenty more to do and see. This range of activities available has given the London borough of Camden even more to boast and more to offer both residents and visitors alike.

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