Blue Ray Dvd Rental-New Technology Not Always Better

Blue Ray Dvd Rental-New Technology Not Always Better

I may be aging myself, but it seems like not that long ago we were using VHS tapes instead of DVD’s. Today we have yet another option for our entertainment… Blu-ray. The only problem is that when they come out with a new technology, it seems like it takes them a long time to get older movies converted to that new format. So, you may find that not all the movies you want can be a blue ray dvd rental.

Today, some people use the term Blu- ray and DVD interchangeably. And while not totally accurate, it isn’t that big of a deal. All the top rental places will also have blue ray dvd rental available, though they usually won’t have as big of a selection in Blu-rays as they do in DVD’s simply because DVD’s have been around longer.

Blu-ray is called that because that is precisely what it is. Standard DVD’s work when a red laser reads the information on the disk. With Blu-ray the information is read with a blue-violet laser, hence the name.

Since the wavelength is shorter, the disk can be read with more precision and that means that more data can be picked up which can produce a sharper picture and more realistic sound.

Since more information can be stored on the same size disk, you can really get great definition and more of that “theater style” sound.

Blu-ray was developed by members of the BDA or Blu-ray Disc Association which is made up of some companies I’m sure you have heard of.

Companies like Sony, Apple, Dell, and Disney to be exact. One of the reasons Blu-ray isn’t even more popular, since it does deliver such exceptional sound and video, is the fact that you do need a different player to watch Blu-ray over a standard DVD player.

Many people are starting to get technology burnout where they have just spent hundreds of dollars for some new technology only to have it either be outdated or at least outdone by something better in a very short time.

Since people may be a little reluctant to invest in yet another player for their entertainment, Blu-ray isn’t quite as popular yet as you may have thought it would be.

If you do decide to get your own Blu-ray player, you can still play DVD’s on it. You can’t play Blu-ray on your DVD player but you can play DVD’s on a Blu-ray player. Confused yet??

Blu-ray players can sell for a wide range of prices, and as with all technologies, the price is coming down. As of this writing a basic Blu-ray player can be bought for as little as online.

All in all, Blu-ray can offer a superior entertainment experience. But, you may find some limitations as to the number of blue ray dvd rental movies you can choose from. More than likely, Blu-ray will continue to expands it’s reach in entertainment and when it does, you will probably have no trouble finding all the movies and shows you want on Blu-ray.