Blackjack Profits – A Player Turned $25,000 into $500,000 Quickly: How Did he Do it?

Blackjack Profits – A Player Turned ,000 into 0,000 Quickly: How Did he Do it?

Blair Hull was a successful blackjack player, and he turned ,000 into 0,000 – but he didn’t do it playing blackjack. He used his blackjack skills in a game with far higher stakes and made a fortune.

Blair Hull actually became a trader, trading in the financial markets – and many of the worlds top financial traders are blackjack players. Why? Because blackjack gives you the skills to succeed in financial trading.

If you are able to play blackjack successfully, you can make money by trading as well – as you already have all the skills needed to succeed.

Blackjack Success is down to the Following:

1. Playing when the odds are in your favor
2. Adjusting the bet size
3. Using a system, and rigidly applying it with discipline
4. Playing non emotionally, and with focus

Just as most players in the casinos lose, so do most traders in the financial markets – and the reason is all down to not having a plan, and executing it with discipline.

The Key to Success in the Casino, or in Financial Trading is:

Trading method + Play the odds + Execute with discipline = Financial Success Most people can’t do this.

They play or trade emotionally, with no specific money management, and a lack of discipline – and end up losers.

So, is it hard to become a financial trader? No the basics are relatively easy – as the following example shows:

Become a Trader in a Few Weeks

In 1984, Richard Dennis conducted an experiment that taught 14 people with no previous experience to trade in 2 weeks. The Result? – They all went on to make millions in profits and earn 80% annual returns!

To learn a trading system (the system only had a few rules, and could be learned by anyone of average intelligence) is not hard, as Richard Dennis’s experiment showed.

Interestingly, Dennis put the success of the group not down to the system he gave them, but on the discipline, and money management skills he taught them.

Make the Move to a Higher Stakes Game

If you want to read the story of Blair HULL, then the book “The New Market Wizards” gives a fascinating insight into the crossover of skills – and how he quickly and successfully became a winner in trading.

The Edge you can get in Trading, is far Bigger than in Blackjack

Blackjack and trading are “games” where you need to deal with odds and probability – and get them on your side.

You then need to apply your method coolly, and non-emotionally, to make big profits – and you already have the discipline to succeed – you just need to learn the basics.

The difference between the games, is – the rewards are much higher in trading.

Trading financial markets represents one of the few ways to make real wealth quickly – and is the ultimate test for anyone.

You Have the Skills – Now Apply them for Huge Profits

You may not make as much money as Blair Hull – but you can, with the skills you have, be very successful.

In blackjack the edge you get is 4% at most – and this will not make you rich – but in financial trading, you have unlimited profit potential.

You already have all the skills necessary, so learn the basics of financial trading – and start playing for far bigger profits