Beeswax for Rubber Stamping

Beeswax for Rubber Stamping

Do you know that beeswax is used by artists for rubber stamping? Well, the use of beeswax is not new for many artists, painters and rubber stampers. The truth is that people of the ancient times have already used the material for their own artistic pieces. In fact, it was found out by several researches that much of the earliest paintings found in Egypt were crafted with beeswax materials on them. It is for this reason basically that the use of beeswax for rubber stamping is now considered as “something old, something ancient”.

The use of beeswax for rubber stamping is often associated with that of the encaustic painting, also known as hot wax painting. Both of these techniques use beeswax that is heated to a certain temperature to which pigments that are highly shaded are added to the material. The heated wax is then used for surface application, and any material like wood or a canvas can work best to project the image created. There are other steps known for doing these crafts though, but generally they use beeswax as one of their main ingredients. The effectiveness of the beeswax for rubber stamping and encaustic painting was proven basically through a number of artistic products already shown to the public.

Speaking of effectiveness, the beeswax for rubber stamping and encaustic painting is said to be a great tool for such crafts simply for the reason that it contains certain properties that are to some degree unique from other types of wax. In the first place, the beeswax for rubber stamping is said to be highly susceptible to melting. By nature, it has a melting point of as high as 62 to 64 degrees Celsius. It tends to show discoloration when heated in a temperature higher that its average melting point. Note that this discoloration in the beeswax plays a significant part in the production of any colorful and artistic rubber stamps and paintings.

Several other claims have noted that unlike the other types of wax, the beeswax for rubber stamping is perfect for such craft for the reason that it is highly durable and luminous. This is also the reason that many of the encaustic painters use the medium for their own works of art.

Now, how the beeswax is applied for rubber stamping? As mentioned earlier, the technique employed for rubber stamping differs according to the styles known to the crafters. This is the reason that not all artistic crafts that employ beeswax are similar in quality and texture. But although varying to some degree, stamping artists and painters recognize certain technique effective for developing any artistic craft. This technique simply involves the use of heated beeswax that is applied layer upon layer. The steps involve in the process, however, should be taken carefully and meticulously. And, when properly done, the beeswax for rubber stamping is guaranteed to bring luminous and pleasant effects.

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