Bead Spinner: The Efficient Bead Stringing Tool

Bead Spinner: The Efficient Bead Stringing Tool

Bead stringing is one special task that beaders learn to do well. However, for the amateur bead artists, the task can be a bit daunting especially if hundreds of beads need to be strung together for just a single piece of jewelry or art. It may take hours for them to finish a single craft and they need to use much of their fingertips just to slide beads to the thread. What if you are entitled to finish a single bead craft within 5 minutes and you need to string more than a hundred of beads? That’s pretty bothering. But, here’s the good news, one excellent tool for bead stringing was developed – the Bead Spinner.

The bead spinner is in the first designed and developed to help bead artists string their beads in just a matter of seconds without making their time and selves exhausted. The bead spinner is a tool that allows you to spindle beads without having to pick them one by one just for them to be slid down to the thread. With the bead spinner, the beads you need to string will just leap onto the line with an excellent speed.

The Structure

The bead spinner may come in two parts. First, it may appear with stand and a bowl, which spins on the spindle when triggered. Second, the bead spinner may appear with one piece that spins on its top. They may come in varying sizes and shapes, but all of them are designed for one goal – to make your beading task easier and quicker.

How to Use the Bead Spinner

The bead spinner is easy to use and operate. There’s no need for electricity, special skills, or batteries. All you have to do is to prepare a needle, a thread, and of course, your beads. Once everything is prepared, put the seed beads into the bowl and insert the needle. To make the task lighter and quicker, try to hold your needle ready with its tip curved. The curve tip of the needle should be the part inserted into the bowl. If done, spin the spindle to allow the beads to slide from the tip of the needle into the thread. But, this will only be possible if the needle is placed close to the side of the beads in motion.

Note that you can do the task successfully if you manage to hold the needle at an angle that assists the beads to slide directly into the line. This trick can be a bit difficult at first, but once you start and manage to hold the needle at the right angle, the beads will feed as fast as a blink of an eye. It is this little trick actually that makes your beading project quick and easy.

With the efficiency that the bead spinner provides, it’s no wonder that bead artists who specialize in bead crochet, French flower beading, and bead knitting are now using the bead spinner in almost all of their bead crafts.