Bars in Naples, Italy (2)

Bars in Naples, Italy

The vibrant and modern city of Naples, Italy does not only offer great and fascinating monuments, museums and ancient relics, it has also a wide array of contemporary entertainments that tourists can check out. The fun just doesn’t stop on day tours and excursions; the city boasts an exhilarating night scene that would dazzle even the most veteran traveler.

There are several great bars in Naples, Italy that you should check out if ever you happen to be in the said area. One of the popular ones is the Alexander Bar, which offers stylish lounge areas and sumptuous foods. This versatile beverage stop is located at the heart of the bustling city. Another frequented watering hole in the city is the Bar Lazzarella that is a perfect spot for crowd watching that offers excellent Italian drinks. This place is highly recommended for people who would prefer a quieter place to mingle around. There are also some hotels in the city that houses great bars. If you would rather enjoy a serene evening at the comforts of your hotel’s bar then you won’ be disappointed.

One of the most fashionable bars in Naples, Italy is the La Mela, which is decidedly the hippest place in town. Most people come here just to show off rather than have fun. The biggest bar in the city is the Flakabe’ which actually has 3 large rooms, a lounge area where get to socialize over fabulous drinks and a main room where the action heat up. They also have a stage where a live band would play on some occasions.

One of the newest bars in Naples, Italy is Fruit, which is strategically situated in the beach. The establishment is practically jam-packed on weekends. People would come in droves, all gamed up and ready to party hard until the wee hours of morning. Neapolitan songs are usually played here to the delight of the crowds, who would sing and dance along with the hottest songs.

With the booming tourism industry, entertainments are flourishing all over the metropolitan. Bars in Naples, Italy have been quite and attraction for locals and tourists, so you won’t have a hard time locating one. So if ever you decide to check out the city’s nightlife, there are a lot of clubs, bars and other establishments specially designed to cater every whim and fancy of tourists like you. Naples, Italy is not only a haven to ancient relics and educational tours, but it could also be fun and exciting destination!

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