Audiovox Radio Satellite Hardware

Audiovox Radio Satellite Hardware

One needs the right hardware in receiving your satellite radio signals. Many brands are available in the market to choose from. And whether you are subscribing to XM Satellite Radio or to SIRIUS Satellite Radio, you need a receiver to start enjoying your long-playing commercial-free music.

One such brand that offers hardware solutions for your radio satellite needs is Audiovox. They can be checked at Audiovox radio satellite hardware provides solutions to either XM radio or SIRIUS radio. They offer different models for your specific needs. One may be available that fits your liking. Below are just a few though of the product lines they carry under satellite radio.

Audiovox radio satellite hardware for XM satellite radio includes the following:

Audiovox XM Satellite Radio (Mobile Plug N Play System) – This product offers a lot of versatility as it can be clicked into its mobile dock, or its home dock, or into its portable boombox unit.

JXM900CMB (XM Satellite Radio Mobile Combo Pack) – This receives over 130 channels, and has the capability of finding your favorite songs.

Audiovox radio satellite hardware for SIRIUS satellite radio includes the following:

SIRCMB3 (SIRIUS Satellite Receiver and Docking Station) – This is capable of searching SIRIUS channels for your favorite songs. It can store up to 20 songs of your liking. It can also be programmed to switch to a particular SIRIUS channel at a set time.

JSIR900CMB (SIRIUS Satellite Radio Receiver with Mobile Docking Station) – This is capable of 30 presets, and can search for favorite songs. Its mobile docking station has a wireless transmitter for one’s convenience.

On their website, you will find accessories that go with these Audiovox radio satellite units. These accessories will be able to enhance your satellite radio experience and provides you with the flexibility needed for optimum portability. One will not be disappointed with the options of being able to play the Audiovox radio satellite receiver wherever one pleases.

Check their website and find out more about the company and their products. One will be able to see more of the products they carry – not only the Audiovox radio satellite product lines. They also offer navigations systems, DVD players, flat TVs, television accessories, car sound systems, collision avoidance systems and lots more. They have a family of brands as TERK, JENSEN, ADVENT, PRESTIGE, CODE ALARM etc. They are worth your visit at You may just find what you are looking for by going over their website.

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