Are You Looking For Quality Comedy Entertainment?

Are You Looking For Quality Comedy Entertainment?

Are you looking for quality comedy entertainment? Check out ComedySportz for a great show everyone in your family or group will love.

1. ComedySportz is funny improvisation played as a sport. It is excellent entertainment for people of all ages.

2. Two teams improvise while acting out scenes, games, and songs as they compete for points and laughes from the audience. There are referees who monitor play and the National Anthem is played before every game. The winning team is chosen by the audience who takes a vote.

3. ComedySportz is modeled after the comedy show, Theatersports by Keith Johnson. The comedy version was born in 1984 by Dick Chudnow.

4. You can find this comedy show in cities throughout the United States including: Spokane, Chicago, Indianapolis, Richmond, Dallas, and New York. They also do shows in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

5. Because this comedy show is clean, funny, interactive and positive it is a great show for the entire family.

6. ComedySportz performs well over 2000 shows on the road ever year. They do shows for colleges, corporate events, churches and fundraising groups.

7. Highly rated by everyone who sees one of their shows fans of ComedySportz rave about the quality of their shows.

8. Comedy is not the only service provided by ComedySportz. They also offer a variety of classes, workshops and seminars on teambuilding and communication skills. These workshops provide an opportunity to improve communication skills and teamwork in the workplace.

9. There are three levels of workshops. Level One seminars on improvisation include: trust, speed, status, accepting and conquering fears and basic scene making. These skills are learned through a games and various activities which require improvisation.

10. The next level workshop is level two. Once you have completed level one you can take a level two workshop. It is here you will learn ComedySportz games as well continued work on improvisational skills. There are even opportunities for level two students to perform. Level Three continues to build on these skills.

11. If you or your company is interested in having a seminar focused on learning communication and team work skills while also having a great time, ComedySportz can put one together for you.

ComedySportz offers comedy, fun, healthy competition and opportunities for self improvement.

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