All About The Play Station 2

All About The Play Station 2

Today, gaming consoles are a part of almost every household in the world. Everyone enjoys playing with it, like children, teenagers and even adults. Gaming consoles like the Xbox and the GameCube offers these entertainments.

However, these other gaming consoles do not even come close to competing with the Sony PlayStation 2 for their wide variety of game titles available. Most game publishers have exclusive contracts with Sony so their game title would not come out in other gaming consoles. You can also rent PS2 games online which broadens the library of games delivered straight to your door.

PlayStation 2 gaming consoles are one of the newest and strongest selling gaming consoles in the market. Its affordable price, wide variety of games and fantastic graphics made this one of the most popular gaming consoles in the world today. Unlike its predecessor the PlayStation, PlayStation 2 is more stylish, sleeker and smaller, it even comes in two colors, Charcoal Black and Satin Silver.

Although smaller, it does not mean that it has not extended the console’s features. PlayStation 2 still has an elevated awesome processing power, and even extended its library of great games and features. PS2 does not just limit its features to games; it can also play DVD movies and play music. In short, PlayStation 2 offers amazing features with its wide variety of entertainment that is sure to make everyone enjoy this single and easy to use console.

A PlayStation 2 package comes with a controller and all the cables needed to hook the system up to your television and sound system, it also comes with one or two games depending on the package you purchased. Setting up the PlayStation 2 game console is easy, even a child can do it. After setting up your PlayStation 2 console, you can immediately start playing with it. PlayStation 2 even has an integrated Network connector to enable you to use the Network Entertainment.

What is the Network Entertainment? Network Entertainment enables the game console to hook up to your broadband Internet connection, and makes you a part of a virtual community of online gamers. This feature allows you to play with friends online across the world.

Network gaming will change the way you play video games, you no longer have to play by yourself and defeat lame computer enemies over and over again but you can fight or team up with other players around the world which means your fighting human intelligence and so you’re guaranteed some surprises and tougher challenge right in the comfort of your own home. This feature is becoming more popular nowadays so regardless of what time you wish to play online there will always be plenty of gamers online, you can play whenever you want.

Right now, PS2 gamers from all over the world are playing online together. Either you can be part of a team to cooperate to win or you can go solo challenging other players. Most network games allow gamers to talk to each other by using a headset that plugs into your PS2 console. Play and win with a team, and the shared glorious victory will be more enjoyable! Lose, and you can hear each other grumbling and blaming each other. You can talk to your teammates about strategy and give each other tips.

PlayStation 2 is a good investment to any home, offering a new world of entertainment.

For an additional fee the PlayStation 2 also has gadgets you can buy such as Memory Card to save your progress in the game, DVD Remote Control, an Analog Controller Dualshock2 that vibrates so the gamer can truly feel the action on screen, a steering wheel controller such as the FANATEC Speedster 3 that race fanatics can enjoy and have realistic feel of the virtual car, the G-con 2 Light Gun for the first person shooter gamer, a USB headset for PS2 so you can talk online to strategize, plan attack with teammates, or taunt enemies and more.

PlayStation 2 also enables the owner to play music CDs and watch DVD movies with awesome picture and sound quality and Parental Lock security functions. In addition, if you are the owner of a home cinema or surround sound system, PlayStation 2 has a Digital Out connector to hook it up on your home cinema system.

In addition if you are the owner of the previous PlayStation or PS one, PlayStation 2 is compatible to all of the existing PS one games, which means you can still play your old PS one games in PlayStation 2.

PlayStation 2 is the most entertaining gaming consoles in the market, which offers quality entertainment whatever your age is. PS2 will keep you glued to your seat for hours by playing solo, play online, watch DVD movies or simply listen to music.

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