Adventure Tours in Las Vegas

Adventure Tours in Las Vegas

Popularly called “Sin City”, Las Vegas is an escape from reality for all walks of life hoping to find that luck that would bring them their pot of gold. An absolute tourist destination, Nevada is the eye of Las Vegas. Fantastic casinos, luxurious hotels, bright lights, sparkling shows, and unending nightlife, this city is the best place for a different kind of adventure.

Of course this city does not only offer adventures in the night when it becomes the city of lights, but most adventures are offered by the day for explorations and sightseeing to some of the interesting places in Las Vegas. Adventure tours in Las Vegas can vary depending on what your preference is, you can choose to have adventure photo tours, explore the Colorado River, bus tours around the city, walking tours, and other outdoor and indoor activities. Here are some great adventure tours in Las Vegas that you may want to do:

Walking Tours
These adventure tours in Las Vegas offers sightseeing tours, which may include walking through different hotels in Las Vegas, such as walking from the Luxor to Caesars to Sahara, then the Strip and Mandalay Bay or the lake at the Belagio Hotel, this tour will give you a better look at the hotels and its magnificence plus the city itself. Experiencing Las Vegas on foot is the best way to get that unforgettable experience of the city.

Horseback Riding
Another way to experience a great vacation is adventure tours in Las Vegas is by a two- hour horseback riding in the Nevada desert just about thirty minutes from Las Vegas Strip. There is a ranch that will provide free pickup service at several casinos on the Strip.

Explore the Colorado River
Canoes and kayaks can be one of the most adventurous things you can do on your vacation. Paddle Craft and Rafting tours are also great adventure tours that you can indulge in. Just below the Hoover dam is a starting site for kayaks, canoes and other personal paddle crafts that can be launched for a thrilling trip down the river.

Las Vegas Day Trips
When you’re in Las Vegas and have been drawn to the beauty of the lights and excitement of the nightlife, you may be aware of the wonders of natural beauty that surrounds Las Vegas; Las Vegas day trips are the best way to enjoy them. Red rock canyons, rugged mountains, and deep desert valleys, offer amazing scenery and great outdoor activities.

Nevada ATV, 4×4 Jeep and Off Road 4WD Trips
If you want to experience a little off road adventure, then trying these trips are the best ways to enjoy them. You’ll be touring through some of the great places in Las Vegas with these toys as your means of transport, add a little twist to that adventure and grab a hold of these trips.