10 Digital Software Photographers Will Appreciate

10 Digital Software Photographers Will Appreciate

With digital technology at the forefront of every camera that you will see in the market today, it is not surprising that alongside this trend is the increase in the number of graphic tools for computers.

Now, not only do photographers have the ability to adjust the look of the pictures that they take with their digital cameras, they also have the necessary tools that will help them add more effects and create a whole new picture from the photographs that they have taken.

Below are just some of the best graphic tools and software in the market that photographers, both amateur and professional, will sure love.

Adobe Photoshop

This is perhaps the most popular and most reliable software in the market. It is widely used not only in businesses and commercial establishments but also at home. This software is remarkably easy to use and very useful. Because of its wide range of functions, there are but a few that this software cannot do, if there are any! It is one of the most flexible tools available for photographers.

Among the features that make this a stand out is the layering masks, the adjustment layers, the history brush and the layering effects, which is highly useful especially when doing multiple adjustments. Users can also make adjustments or corrections without changing the original composition of the photograph. The most recent version is the Adobe CS, which will run both in Windows and Mac.

Wacom’s Graphire3 Tablet

Because of its more ergonomic feel, this software is also a winner for digital graphic artists as well as photographers. Although, this is not as easy to use as the Adobe Photoshop, it is still comfortable to work with.

With this software, artists need not use the mouse to make adjustments. They will be using a special pen pointer which will come in handy especially when drawing a particular image or retouching a photo. This is very ideal for digital artists that deal mainly with retouching because the pointer will work best in these situations. Like Adobe, this software will also run on Windows and Mac.

Jasc Paint Shop Pro 9

Although it is often likened to the Photoshop, having basically the same range of functions, Graphic experts feel that it has a long way to go. Still, compared to its earlier versions, the Pro 9 is a definite winners, with its streamlined space and new tools and effects. Another really great feature is the option for personalization. This runs only in Windows.