Illustration Art Degree

Illustration Art Degree If you like to draw, you may be interested in obtaining an illustration art degree. A degree in illustration can be used for a variety of different careers. Many people think of illustrators as those who draw fashion pictures or even cartoon figures. These are two examples of those who have majored

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Art Degree in Media Art

Art Degree in Media Art Media art is an ever growing field and encompasses all forms of media. Many people who may enjoy working in television or with different two dimensional formats. If you have a knack for drawing figures or designs and wish to make them “come alive” in the media, either on television

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Digital Art Degree

Digital Art Degree Twenty years ago, digital art did not even exist. No one had heard of such an art form and few could picture the future as it is today. Today, digital art can be seen everywhere. From special effects in film to video games, digital art is here and it is not going

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