Dance With Words

Dance With Words Are you a writer looking for a great place to share stories, experiences, to communicate with other creative souls? And individual who wishes to meet new and interesting people? If so, you need to visit A diverse culture of writers with a wide range of experience and savvy participate in this […]

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The History of Salsa Dance

The History of Salsa Dance Salsa dancing has a very distinct dance style. It has a pattern step style encompassing six steps that are danced over eight counts in a musical beat. Salsa is the combination of many cultural genres including Afro-Caribbean and Latin sounds. Although the exact origin of salsa cannot be interpreted, many

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Flamenco Dance in Spain

Flamenco Dance in Spain The flamenco dance in Spain is an authentic form of Spanish art, specifically an art of the Southern Spanish. The dance presents three forms, namely el cante or the song, el baile or the dance, and la guitarra or the guitar playing. The gypsies are frequently attributed with the creation of

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Jazz as Dance

Jazz as Dance While few people understand the true origins of Jazz as a music form, fewer people still understand the origins of jazz as a style of dance. Jazz is very much a fatherless child. More than that however, jazz as music and dance seem to have many mothers despite the fact that they

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Music About Dance

Music About Dance While we all know that Jazz is as much a style of music as it is a style of dance, many people may not realize the importance that dance has played in music. There are many songs out there that mention the importance of dancing and yet we as a society seem

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